Souvenir Shop & Food Stall

Souvenir Shop

Place: to the left of the main entrance on the first floor.
*No entrance fee required.
On offer are various toys, sweets made in Tochigi, and other souvenirs. Feel free to stop by and enjoy shopping!
Store Hours: may vary depending on the season.

Store Hours 10:45 – 16:30
*May vary depending on the season.
Tel 0282-86-6858

Outside Food Stall

Place: outside, on the east side of the museum
*No entrance fee required.
Light meals are served.

Store Hours 11:30 – 13:30
*May vary depending on the season.
Menu Ramen 600yen
Udon and Soba noodles 500yen
Curry and Rice 500yen
Fried noodles 300yen
French fries 250yen
Churros 300yen
Fried Chicken 300yen
Corn Dogs 250yen
Frankfort Sausages 200yen

*Menu and prices are current as of December 2016.
Please note that the menu and the prices may change without prior notice.